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Thinking outside of the "tee" box, Golf Gavel will ensure golfers to play golf all year round in the most extreme weather conditions.  Golf Gavel is the newest innovation in golf equipment that holds its standards to the highest commitment that any golfer can expect.  We have created Golf Gavel to help you experience the love of golf 365 days a year.


The Golf Gavel has been created by a team of leading golf experts that is designed to punch the perfect sized hole to accept your tee on the roughest and toughest tee boxes worldwide.  It is the ultimate golf bag accessory that has been beautifully crafted to help ease the strain of getting the tee in the ground.


We are committed to stay ahead of the golf game by using the latest technologies that will make your golf experience enjoyable all around the world any time of the year!

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After an exhausting round of golf in the most excruciating cold weather, my brother Willy asked if I can invent a tool that will help me get a tee into the icy hard surfaced ground.  The thought of ice picks, hammer and nails on a golf course wouldn't be ideal.  After days of much thought, the golf gavel was invented. 

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From the sunny coast of California to the cold winters of the Rockies in Denver (Colorado), Brenda and Shannon share their love of GOLF!  We have teamed up to design the Golf Gavel.  After years of extensive researching and development, our product has created one of the most powerful golf tool to tee up your golf ball anytime of the year.

The Golf Gavel

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